Why am I a Product League mentor? (video)

50 Shades of Mentees

Hi! We are Tal Atzmon and Benny Reich, and we are two freakishly proud mentors! We joined Product League as mentors the minute Moriya Kassis launched it, on Oct 2017. Product League is a unique 4-months long mentoring program, where product managers with at … Read More

Revealed: Zest’s web & mobile Stream beta results [eye opening 👁️]

On May 29, 2018 we beta launched the new Zest Stream with the goal of making Zest accessible everywhere — on any browser and any platform. When we launched the beta, we reached out to a targeted group of Zest members who … Read More

How to Build an Innovation Funnel in Large Organizations (Video)

    On April 2017 I was invited to present at DUMP developer conference in Yekaterinburg, Russia. In this presentation, I am reaching out to large organizations who wish to build a Startup Acceleration program and I talk about the challenges of … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Hacking Cold Emails

  For many people, cold emails are a combination of a hot potato and a tough nut. They would rather avoid it or let someone else deal with it. And honestly, I don’t blame those people, because the entire situation … Read More

How to Build an Innovation Funnel in Large Organizations

      Company leaders are constantly talking about innovation, but the truth is that innovation in large organizations doesn’t really work. There are extremely powerful forces who work against innovation. In this presentation, I will review the challenges of … Read More

Hacking Cold Emails

    Whether you’re in a startup or a large enterprise, there are often situations where you may need to reach out and discuss with customers. If you know the customer in person, it’s going to be an easy process, … Read More

Introduction to Pirate Metrics

    There are many methods to measure the success of your business. Pirate metrics is probably the easiest method of all. It defines 5 stages which customers take when they interact with your product. With a clear focus on … Read More

How to Create a Lean Canvas and Interview Customers for Problem Validation

    This presentation guides entrepreneurs how to brainstorm, manage and iterate the Lean Canvas document. It also discusses about the Problem Validation interview process: What do you ask? What not to ask? How to analyze the gathered data?   How … Read More

Lean Startup – Turning an Idea into a Product

      Most startup fail, that’s a given. But they don’t fail because they had a bad product – they fail because they didn’t find a Product/Market fit. This presentation is an intro to Lean Startup – a method … Read More