• How to Lead Business Innovation

    Learn how to build an efficient Innovation program

The 3 Principles of a Successful Organizational Innovation

Credible Innovation Platform


Raising ideas in hackathons is great, but if these ideas have nowhere to go to, they will simply die.
Organizations need a credible innovation platform, to nurture these ideas and help them grow.

Everyone Should Innovate


If you only let an elite group innovate in your company (Inventors), you’re going to end up with a small number of high-risk/high-cost ideas.
Diversity is super critical in innovation and therefore, everyone in your company should innovate.

Focus on Solving One Use Case

Let’s face it – your company is not Google or Apple. Most companies cannot innovate around massive or breakthrough ideas because it’s too risky.
Successful innovation is one that solves a specific problem that which your customers consider a very painful one.

If you wish to build an efficient Innovation funnel, you have to treat it similar to any other product

Lean Innovation Funnel


This is where you do the marketing for the innovation program, to acquire the organization employees and invite them to suggest new ideas.


An active participant is one that commits to participate in the incubation program and validate a problem/solution fit.


Retain the innovation program participants by providing them mentors and proper training, such as Lean Startup and Customer Development tools.


This is where you want your customers to refer their colleagues to the innovation program.


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